Dewey is looking for a foster to adopt home!


 Foster & Foster To Adopt / Posted 3 weeks ago

  • Age:: 6
  • Sex:: Male, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs?: No
  • Cats?: No
  • Kids?: Over 12
  • Housebroken?: Yes
  • Crate Trained?: No, has S/A
  • Location:: Toronto, Ontario
  • Fee:: 450.00
  • Description/Info:: Dewey is an incredibly bright young dog. He prefers to eat his meals out of puzzles and food balls. This athletic young dog loves his exercise and needs frequent mental and physical activity.

    He is very much a velcro dog who will follow you around your home but he is content to be alone after he has had a good run.

    Dewey loves to play with toys and will grumble and snatch as he plays with you, so he would do best in a home with children over the age of 10 who can understand his body language.

    Dewey gets along well with other dogs, but if he feels that he is not getting his quota of affection, he will squeeze in between you and other dogs to get some cuddles.

    Dewey is not particularly food motivated, but he loves food puzzles. He will counter surf if he sees a special treat sitting unguarded.

    If you are looking for a running buddy who will always be willing to go that extra block, Dewey is it. He will also curl up with you on the couch quietly.