Gary and Mator are in foster!

 Foster & Foster To Adopt / Posted 2 months ago

  • Age:: Gary around 1 and Mator is 6
  • Sex:: Male
  • Dogs?: Yes
  • Cats?: Unknown
  • Kids?: Yes
  • Housebroken?: Gary needs work, Mator yes
  • Crate Trained?: Unknown
  • Location:: Oakville, Ontario
  • Description/Info:: Gary and Mator came into Boxer Rescue Ontario's care after we received an email from a shelter saying they had not had a great life and they would like them to find another home.

    Gary is about a year old and a boxer cross while Mator is a 6 year old GS cross. The transport people and the shelter said they were very sweet dogs.

    Please stay tuned for more information once we get to know this pair and when their vetting has been completed.