Kyro is in his foster home!

 Foster & Foster To Adopt / Posted 2 weeks ago

  • Age: : 3
  • Sex: : Male, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs? : Will be testing
  • Cats? : Unknown
  • Kids? : Over 12
  • Housebroken? : Yes
  • Crate Trained? : Yes
  • Location: : Oakville, Ontario
  • Fee: : $450.00
  • Description/Info: : Kyro arrived into BROs care from the same shelter as Belle and he was to be crossed the next day because he was terrified at the shelter - in fact, he would lay down when it was time to go back and they would have to pick him up and carry him in.

    Kyro will be vetted and assessed before looking for that special family that will provide him with the love and comfort he deserves.