Lady and Jane are available!


 Adopt / Posted 1 month ago

  • Age: : 10 and 12 years
  • Sex: : Female
  • Dogs? : No
  • Cats? : Unknown
  • Kids? : Older
  • Housebroken? : Yes
  • Crate Trained? : Can be left loose
  • Location: : Ottawa, Ontario
  • Fee: : $250.00
  • Description/Info: : Our family has never experienced having two dogs before, and I am so thankful that our first experience was with Lady and Jane. To see their love for one another, and to be a part of their journey has been very rewarding. When asked to describe them the word that comes to mind is sweet. To watch them soak up the affection and love is a wonderful thing but be prepared if you give it to one you can be guaranteed the other will come and get their share as well, even if that means wedging themselves between you and their sister.

    Lady and Jane can be left alone in the home with out destruction, they do require you to keep your counters free of food, and your garbages out of reach because one of them or both have an interest in adventure.

    Lady and Jane are currently enjoying two block walks a day and love them. They get very excited, and both want to be the first out of the house. Jane does very well on a Halti, she is most successful when she is kept close, and under control and Lady walks with a back harness and is a bit slower then Jane but both are very manageable to be walked at the same time.

    If you have ever considered having two dogs, and your lifestyle is best suited to lower maintenance dogs then please consider opening your home to these two beautiful ladies who just want to be loved while living out their lives together.