Lucky and Diesel are available for adoption!


 Adopt / Posted 1 month ago

  • Age:: around 7 and 2
  • Sex:: Male, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs?: No
  • Cats?: No
  • Kids?: Yes, over 9
  • Housebroken?: Yes
  • Crate Trained?: Confined to an area
  • Location:: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Fee:: $600.00
  • Description/Info:: Lucky and Diesel may have been behind the 8 ball regarding training when they arrived to BRO but they have made so many gains since being in a structured loving home.
    Diesel is now fully housebroken, and is holding his bladder at night time.
    Both pups are sitting, giving paw, going down and are staying when asked.
    The boys weren’t crate trained when they arrived, and now they are sharing a crate at night time, staying in it even though the door is left open. They choose to sleep in there even when there are two dog beds on the floor.
    We have provided two crates side by side in an open area downstairs and they will both go in with the doors shut to enjoy a marrow bone or a frozen Kong treat, and they are very content while in there. That’s pretty impressive considering two weeks ago they refused to even step in, now they go in and out as they wish.

    Diesel is walking great on his leash, he loves seeing the great outdoors, he is not reactive to other dogs and is very happy go lucky. The boys aren’t walked together with one person, they do get to go together when there are two of us available though.
    Lucky and Diesel are accepting of the time spent apart, and it is good for them to enjoy separate walks at times.
    Both dogs LOVE to play fetch, and typically enjoy this activity as a one on one activity, as Lucky likes to think he is the boss of the ball.
    The boys were scared and nervous and endured trauma prior to coming into foster and it has taken some time for them to settle, I imagine it will be the same upon another move, but know that they are very smart boys that just need love and guidance.
    They love to play, and rough house with each other, they really do provide each other with hours of entertainment, which usually is followed by naps which is great....
    If you are looking to expand your family and have people home more so then not these two boys will keep you on your toes, and provide you with hours of