Mocha is available for adoption!

 Adopt / Posted 3 weeks ago

  • Age: : 1
  • Sex: : Female, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs? : Yes
  • Cats? : Unknown
  • Kids? : Yes
  • Housebroken? : Yes
  • Crate Trained? : Yes, but barks
  • Location: : Port Perry, Ontario
  • Fee: : $500.00
  • Description/Info: : Mocha is a 1 year old Boxer/Rotti cross pup and would be an awesome addition to a family looking for a young, affectionate, and playful dog. She does well with her senior foster brother and has played with dogs of all shapes and sizes. She may be a bit overwhelming for an unconfident dog that does not reciprocate her playful energy. She loves toys, going for walks, and cuddling on the couch. Mocha currently sleeps in her crate in the bedroom overnight without issues but would love a family that would share the bed with her as well! Mocha does have some anxiety and barks when she is left alone at home in the crate so further crate training will need to happen to remedy this and she would not be a good fit for apartment/townhome living due to this reason. She walks well on leash though will pull to particularly good smells. Mocha is fully housebroken and knows basic commands (sit,stay,come) and benefits from a regular routine. She is a wonderful girl that is easy to fit into daily life.