Reggie is available for adoption!

 Adopt / Posted 1 month ago

  • Age: : 9 months old
  • Sex: : Male, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs? : Yes
  • Cats? : Unknown
  • Kids? : Yes, older
  • Housebroken? : Yes
  • Crate Trained? : In progress
  • Location: : Burlington, Ontario
  • Fee: : $500.00
  • Description/Info: : Reggie is a friendly and happy 9 month old puppy. This handsome boy is very sweet, readily gives kisses and loves to cuddle with his humans. Reggies is looking for a home that is active and will provide the opportunity for lots of exercise so he can burn off some of his puppy energy. Reggie enjoys playing with all types of toys and is always up for a good game of fetch. Reggie also likes to romp with other dogs and would benefit having another fur sibling in the home to play with. Reggie looks forward to his daily walks and doing well learning good leash manners. Most importantly Reggie's forever family will need to commit to providing training and structure so that he can grow into a polite, canine companion.