Treble is available for adoption!


 Foster & Foster To Adopt / Posted 2 months ago

  • Age: : 6 months old
  • Sex: : Female, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs? : No
  • Cats? : No
  • Kids? : Over 12
  • Housebroken? : Yes
  • Crate Trained? : Confined to an area
  • Location: : Oakville, Ontario
  • Fee: : $550.00 when adopted
  • Description/Info: : Treble is a young dog that came to us from a shelter here in Ontario. This little girl is quite a sweetheart with humans, but does not like other dogs around her so we are looking for someone with a no pet household.

    Treble is a pup so we are looking for a fenced in back yard and an active family that is not gone for long hours at a time.

    Treble needs work on her leash manners and we have been using a halti on her with good results, but someone that is going to continue to help her learn is best as well.

    You can apply for this little girl here on our site.