Rescue boxers can make a wonderful addition to a home but they require work and commitment.



Adding one of these sprightly characters to your family will bring you laughter and the best kind of companionship marked by loyalty, devotion and play. Rescue Boxers make wonderful additions to a home but they require work and commitment. Before you apply we ask you to consider the following questions.


Do you want a ready-made, perfect dog?

If so, a rescue dog is an unrealistic choice for you. Boxers end up in rescue for a variety of reasons – rarely temperament related - but most rescue dogs have issues of some sort or another. Some are minor and easily corrected, while others will take more time to repair (see Ernie's Story). There is always an adjustment period when a dog is brought into a new household, which can range from a few days to several months. If you are not prepared to work through this period, you should reconsider adopting one of our dogs. Uprooting a dog that has only been in a new home for a short period of time is extremely unfair and damaging to a Boxer.


Have you done your research on the Boxer breed?

There is a vast amount of information available today about the loyal breed that is the Boxer. One of the best ways to learn about the Boxer breed is to meet one personally. Dog shows offer a great way to introduce yourself and your family to the Boxer breed. Most exhibitors are more than happy to share their knowledge and insight about their Boxer. If you do meet a dog this way, please wait until the dog is finished performing before approaching their handler for a chat. Alternatively, feel free to visit us whenever we are at an event or public show. These events will be announced on our website.

Finally, if you see a Boxer owner out for a stroll, engage him in conversation. If there is one universal rule about Boxer people, it is that they adore talking about their breed. Breed knowledge is an asset you can acquire with a bit of work; one of the most important criteria we consider is the applicant's willingness to learn.


Before You Apply

Our application process is now on an individual dog basis. This means that if you see a Boxer or Boxers on the Available Dogs page who you are interested in adopting, then you apply for that specific Boxer(s). You application will not be kept on file if you are not selected for the dog or dogs for whom you apply unless we make that specific arrangement with you. As well, your application will not be reviewed if you have not specified a particular Boxer or if your application is incomplete in any way. Please, only submit an application for dogs listed on the Available Dogs page. All other applications will be discarded. Note too that we will only contact applicants who meet the criteria for the dog(s) they are interested in. Due to the volume of applications we receive, especially for our younger dogs, this is the only way we can successfully manage our workload.

Please note: Boxer Rescue Ontario does not accept applications from homes with children under the age of 2 years.


The Adoption Process

Each Boxer Rescue Ontario dog is different and unique we do everything possible to ensure that the homes we find meet the specific dog’s unique requirements and needs. We are only able to do this by first evaluating the dog through our foster care program and then assessing each potential home for suitability by conducting an interview and home visit. Our adoption process is as follows:


Step 1: Online Application

At the right side of this page you will find a link to our online application form. Once you complete and submit your application, our volunteers will review it and you may be contacted to set up a phone interview, provided you meet the criteria for the dog(s) you’ve applied to adopt. If you do not, you will not be contacted. Do not forget to specify which dog or dogs you are interested in adoption. Applications without a dog identified will not be processed.

Step 2: Phone Interview

If you are contacted for a phone interview, one of our volunteers will arrange to speak with you at a convenient time and go through your application with you over the phone to ensure that there are no errors and to clarify any points as necessary. We will also ask you some additional questions so be prepared to spend some time on the phone with us.

Step 3: You Will Be Matched With A Dog

Successful applicants are matched with a dog. We typically have a large number of applicants interested but our primary concern is finding the perfect fit for our foster dog; we don’t operate on a first-come, first-served system. Our primary goal is to place each dog in the best situation possible for him. This can take days or weeks and is difficult to predict. But we appreciate your patience through this process.


Step 4: Home Visit(s)

After the phone interview and if your application is chosen for one of our dogs, one of our volunteers will contact you to set up a home visit at a suitable time when all members of your household can be present. You will not be permitted to meet one of our foster dogs until the home visit is successfully completed. Our representative will, if possible, bring a Boxer to enable everyone involved to see how the breed will interact with you and your surroundings.

Step 5: You Will Be Notified Of Our Decision

Shortly after the home visit, you will be notified about our decision.

Step 6: You Add A New Member To Your Family

Once we find your match we will make arrangements for you to meet your new family friend. At pick up time, you will be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee. After you adopt we will follow up with you during the initial adjustment period. Remember that we are always available to answer questions and to provide help when possible.

Our adoption fee for dogs aged 0-5 years is $400.00. Our adoption fee for dogs aged 6 years and older is $250.00. Since we are a volunteer organization funded entirely by contributions, we count on your continuing support as well as your adoption fees to help defray the costs of caring for our foster dogs. We would happily accept any amounts in over these minimum fees to help other dogs in our care.

We are always looking for donations too. So if you would like to help out while you are waiting for your perfect match or if you are looking for additional ways to help, please visit our Donations Page.


Step 7: You Become A Success Story!!!

We wish you and your rescue Boxer all the best. Adoptive parents become part of the Boxer Rescue Ontario family and you will be invited to join our adopter’s email and support group. We encourage you to join but you are always free to ask us questions and send pictures. We love to hear how our babies are doing!


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