Our Friends, Soul Mates, Family, they were there when we needed them most.


Ellie came to us during Spring Break 2008. She was about 71/2 years old and had come from a tough background. She really needed someone to put her trust in. This turned out to be my husband Bill.iwc replica watches On her first night home, she asked, and then climbed right up on his lap, despite the fact that she was well above “lap dog size”.  

 She settled in quickly, becoming comfortable with our family...Bill, myself and Our 22 year-old son, James. She was playful, loving,  vocal, and very bossy!  We got her a Halti leader, and I  learned how to hold her on a short leash in the presence of other dogs without getting pulled  over.  

As she was a very dominant female, we were unable to take her to the doggie park. She could never be let off leash, as she always managed to find another dog to bully! 

 Regardless of her rather predatory instincts, and her very “growly” play habits, she was a very devoted and intuitive dog. She was gentle with Bill`s 90-year old mother. She spent most of her day times right next to Bill as he worked in his home office, but would let him know very clearly when it was time for her afternoon walk. 

She enjoyed her time at the family cottage at Buckhorn. She wouldn’t go far into the water, but seemed very comfortable on boats. One day, she jumped right in and swam after a friend’s bass boat as they motored off down the creek.  She was told off for chasing my mother’s cat, and one day almost knocked the screen out to go after a young bear.

Ellie had a lot of unusual growths on her skin, and she needed surgery twice to remove potentially cancerous growths. Also, she developed a neurological problem that prevented her from holding up her back end. Sadly, in April of 2011, we took her to the vet to be euthanized. Amazingly, before we left, she again climbed onto Bill’s lap for one last boxer hug.

Missing you always and forever

The Robinson family.






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