Our Friends, Soul Mates, Family, they were there when we needed them most.

Ernie first came to me from Boxer rescue Ontario as a foster but the second I saw his beautiful gold/brown eyes shining from this sad looking dog, I knew I would keep him.

As a rescue he was obviously the victim of neglect at the very least. (He never got over his fear of brooms..) He was really skinny and his skin around his neck and face were red, sore and itcy. He came with lots of problems: separation anxiety, aggression towards other dogs and cats and some dominance issues. But, I just felt he deserved a second chance and I was rewarded a million times over.

With patience and a lot of love, he learned to walk on his leash without pulling me like a kite. He stopped chasing the cat as if she were a"wobble-toy" . I would say they became "frenemies". The little black cat never forgot or forgave. She would walk right up to Ernie and swat his face, which he learned to ignore over time and never again chased her

Ernie loved his comforts. When I first got his elevated dog dish, he circled around it, looking up at me, his expression clearly said: "For me?" For a few days I'd catch him going into the kitchen every few minutes to just stare at that dish. He loved to snuggle up, nose buried in blankets on "his" couch, especially if I was there as his snuggle buddy. Over the too-short four and a half years I was privileged enough to share my home with Ernie he became the most loyal, kind, funny, smart dog I ever knew. I remember once a vet I visited said to me I was " a saint to take on a dog like Ernie." But, I think Ernie was the saint. Despite his tough few years of neglect and probable abuse, he loved people and never held a grudge. Everyone who visited would be treated to the boxer wiggle dance and lots of kisses. He was just an overabundance of giving love.

I'll miss his funny brown face waiting for me at the window, his sense of humour and his loyalty. Sadly he passed away from lymphoma on May 26, 2009. Ernie will never be forgotten and I think it will take a long time before he is remembered with a smile instead of tears!


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