Lefty has arrived!

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  • Listing ID: 4131
  • Age:: 6 months old
  • Sex:: Female
  • Dogs?: Yes
  • Cats?: Unknown
  • Kids?: Older
  • Housebroken?: No
  • Crate Trained?: No
  • Location:: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Fee:: 600.00 when ready
  • Description/Info:: Lefty arrived into BROs care after a volunteer had been contacted by a friend that thought it would be best if they found a family as times are tough and he could not afford her and all the other dogs in the home.

    Lefty is a six month old puppy that has no leash training, is not crate trained, and is not housebroken at this time so there is some work to do.

    Lefty is being vetted and assessed and then will be placed in a foster to adopt home that realizes the task they are taking on.

    Please stay tuned ....