Luna is available for adoption!

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  • Listing ID: 3437
  • Age:: 6 - 8 months old
  • Sex:: Female, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs?: Yes
  • Cats?: Yes
  • Kids?: Yes
  • Housebroken?: Yes
  • Crate Trained?: Yes
  • Location:: Oakville, Ontario
  • Fee:: 600.00
  • Description/Info:: Luna has the sweetest temperament. She loves other dogs and people. She loves attention in the form of cuddles, belly rubs and never gets tired of it.

    Luna is currently living with two male boxers and two cats. She immediately fell in love with one of the boxers who she follows everywhere. She would do great in a family with a male dog older than her to show he the ropes and wrestle with her. She would also do fine in a home without other pets if she was liberally spoiled with lots of belly rubs, cuddles, and play.

    Luna is good sleeping in her crate now that she has gotten used to it with us, but we do know that she had more privileges in another home as she did attempt jumping on the sofa and bed almost immediately. Even though we would have loved to cuddle her on the sofa or bed, we did what was best for her as a puppy in training and didn’t allow it. I think that once ground rules have been established in her new home, some privileges can be enjoyed on both sides.

    Luna is the sweetest puppy with a great temperament and a lot of potential. Anyone will be lucky to adopt this gorgeous girl and with a little puppy work you will have yourself an amazing addition to your family