Nala is arriving today!

 Foster & Foster To Adopt / Posted 1 week ago

  • Listing ID: 2762
  • Age:: 2
  • Sex:: Female, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs?: No
  • Cats?: No
  • Kids?: Yes
  • Housebroken?: Yes
  • Crate Trained?: Yes
  • Location:: Oakville, Ontario
  • Fee:: $450.00
  • Description/Info:: Nala is arriving today to find a no pet family to call her own. She is a sweet little gal that is a bulldog cross.

    Nala and the resident dog in her home were fighting so she is looking for a no dog or cat household.

    Nala walks with a harness, but spent most of her time outdoors in the backyard so she may need some work.

    Nala is only 2 years old, and her momma has been home from work for the past year so someone that is not gone for long hours would be better for her.

    Please stay tuned for more info once we get to know the little gal.