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  • Listing ID: 5166
  • Age:: Just turned 6
  • Sex:: Female, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs?: Yes
  • Cats?: Unknown
  • Kids?: Older
  • Housebroken?: Yes
  • Crate Trained?: No
  • Location:: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Fee:: $550.00
  • Description/Info:: Roxi has been with us for a few weeks, she was not doing well in the kennel as her life had been turned upside down by some unfortunate circumstances. Roxi’s owners loved her and took very good care of her, and likely she was very spoiled, but sadly her parents needed to move to a retirement home and unfortunately there were no family members that could care for Roxi, so she was surrendered.

    This turned her world upside down; she takes time to trust and become familiar with routines and environments. After being with us for two weeks we are starting to see her relax, and engage, and it is so heartfelt to see her personality start to shine. She takes time, and her forever family will need to be aware of this, she will not be the one who will meet her people’s needs until she gets to know them. I will tell you though the ones that take time, the ones who are timid, and hesitant when they come around, they love hard like no other.

    Two weeks Roxi has been with us, and we are now seeing tail wags, kisses, and she brings toys to us and seeks us out for play. She also loves to be snuggled and would love nothing more than to be up on the couch with us, but that will be up to her forever family to allow that, for now she remains on her beds throughout the house.

    Roxi is a great work from home pup, she lays out on her bed, and rests, or plays independently with a toy, or enjoys a good chew toy, never disturbing a meeting or paperwork. She can be left loose in the house and will not be destructive.

    She absolutely loves her walks and walks beautifully on leash. She loves all the dogs she meets and enjoys meeting new pups.

    Roxi is a terrific pup who needs someone who will give her the time she needs, but know once that has happened she will be your forever by your side..