Dakota and Nakita are available for adoption!

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  • Listing ID: 5466
  • Age:: 3
  • Sex:: Female, Spay/Neutured
  • Dogs?: Yes
  • Cats?: No
  • Kids?: Older children only
  • Housebroken?: Yes
  • Crate Trained?: Yes
  • Location:: Cornwall, Ontario
  • Fee:: 900.00
  • Description/Info:: Nikita and Dakota are a bonded pair that were surrendered by a back your breeder wo could no longer make money off them. They lived their life in a barn, they were in a temporary foster home prior to coming to the rescue for three weeks.

    Nikita and Dakota are very frightened, it is taking a lot of time to have them decompress. Unfortunately, we have not been able to show them much of the world because they still need time to learn that not all humans are cruel.

    Nikita and Dakota feel safest when they are in their crate, that is where they prefer to spend most of their time, we have been encouraging them to experience other rooms in our home by closing the crate so they are not able to retreat in there, but rather, encouraging them to try to spend some time on the dog bed in the living room with the human members of our family.

    Dakota is the braver of the two, and she will come and take treats from you, or will accept some pets on the head, Nikita is always watching from a distance and needs to be ready on her own time.

    They love toys, and often will gather them all and bring them into their crate with them during the day. They also enjoy a good chew toy.

    Nikita and Dakota may do better with a resident dog, or in a home where another dog frequents, maybe they need to see and learn from another dog, about what being a pet in a loving home is all about.

    The special one that adopts these two will need to be patient, understanding and allow them the time that it is going to take for these two pups to learn and to trust. I truly feel that if someone can give them the time they need, they will have two best friends for life. If you love Boston Terriers, and have the time to truly give these two, I can’t imagine any adoption that will be as rewarding as this one. These two truly were “rescued”, and your heart will grow when you see them starting to let their guard down, and experience all that life has to offer them.

    The girls are their happiest when the back door opens, they sprint out and run around outside. They will come closer to you and engage with you outside, as they have learned when they potty outside they get treats, this is always on their mind.