How do I apply to adopt a boxer from Boxer Rescue Ontario?

First step is filling out an adoption application and once received we will contact you to arrange for a phone interview and home visit. You will be working with an assigned Adoption Coordinator to help you transition through the steps so please make sure you have a list of questions.

We have a few rules that can be found before you fill out an adoption form like:

  • All pets in the household must be spayed or neutered
  • All children in the home must be over 5 years of age
  • We do not allow people to use shock collars, electronic fencing or prong collars on any of our dogs.
  • All of our boxers are indoor dogs and are not meant to be left outside unattended for hours at a time. Boxers do not tolerate extreme heat or cold so please be mindful when they are outdoors with you.
  • All members of your family must be present for home visits and meet and greets with the boxer you have been matched with.
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