What items will I need when I bring my new dog home?

  • Dog bed
  • Crate (if your dog needs to be crated)
  • Leash and collar or the proper tool to train your dog ie. Halti, harness, martingale or gentle leader
  • Food and water bowl (we suggest metal as boxers can get acne using plastic dishes)
  • There has been some studies suggesting raised food stations are a good thing for boxers and remember no running for at least an hour after eating.
  • Dog food – we suggest no grains and no chicken for boxers, but if you have questions be sure to speak to one of the volunteers about it and ask the foster home what your new dog was eating while in their home.
  • Important is patience – this is all new to your dog so please understand they need an adjustment period to get used to your home and your rules.
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